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Paternity Testing -  -  ( more details )
IBDNA offers a broad range of DNA testing including Paternity tests, Court approved DNA tests, Genetic testing and Ancestry tests with fast, accurate and discrete results from AABB and ISO9002 accredited laboratories.
easyDNA UK -  -  ( more details )
UK based DNA testing company providing DNA relationship tests that are highly accurate, affordable and completely confidential.
DNA Testing -  -  ( more details )
Provides a wide range of DNA paternity tests to suit every need. With 99.99% accuracy our tests can provide answers on sensitive and personal issues, handled professionally and confidentially.
AlphaBiolabs DNA Testing -  -  ( more details )
DNA Testing for Paternity, Immigration and relationship with next day results and UKAS accredited for DNA testing using 24 markers the most accurate DNA testing.

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DNA Testing Worldwide -  -  ( more details )
DNA Worldwide provide DNA Testing to UK clients with clarity and integrity. Each DNA test is fast, 100% accurate, confidential and includes full support.